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My Name Is Juuso Jankama. I have a Master's degree in Industrial Management and Engineering from Tampere University of Technology. I graduated in 2002, majoring in Corporate Strategy and minoring in Hypermedia. 

Currently I work at Oracle Finland as a Supply Chain Management Advisor, helping companies to improve their profitability and customer service by utilizing cutting edge technology in their Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations. Just like Batman, I do normal things during the day, but tackle extraordinary stuff outside regular office hours!!!

I have worked in multiple global positions in global companies almost 20 years. I have held positions in most of the different corporate domains: Production, Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain, Product Management, Process Development and Sales. Even though I haven't held a position, I have worked very closely and been involved heavily in marketing, product marketing, quality, HR, accounting, IT, R&D and finance.

Over the years I have helped my network to overcome a variety of business issues as an outside advisor and realized that I have a unique, holistic way of looking at things on top of being able to get to the bottom of issues very quickly. I founded Oriqa so I could broaden my advisory outside the group of people I already know. 

You can see my detailed CV and profile in LinkedIn. I also write a blog about variety of business topics in LinkedIn you might find interesting.

Juuso Jankama