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Spot-On Business Advisory

Only Relevant Insights, Questions and Answers.
No bulls#ยค%.

Are You In a Need of a Great Advice?

Sometimes you get so tangled up in your day-to-day business that you lose your sense of direction and end up in trouble. You may be lacking growth, suffering from poor profitability, losing revenue or customers, but just can't figure out why. What you need is an advisor who asks the right questions, offers relevant insights, and provides the real answers. Oriqa is that adviser helping you to find out the sources of your issues and pointing your business to the right direction. 


With Oriqa you don't pay for useless, standardized number crunching and questionnaires that take weeks to complete. I will get to the bottom of the issues in a matter of hours or days.


Most consultants are focused on specific areas - sales, marketing, procurement, production - and they don't like to mix things. At Oriqa it's the opposite: I focus on business models, end-to-end processes, and total value accumulation. I don't limit myself with arbitrary silos.


My goal is to find out what is wrong and provide a solid plan for fixing the problem. Unlike other consultants I don't want to stick around and keep billing. Oriqa provides high quality advice without risk.

Juuso Jankama